LG's MUZIQ for Sprint

The LG MUZIQ, also known as the LX570, is a recent addition to Sprint's music phone lineup. Like LG's successful FUSIC, the MUZIQ combines a music player and a mobile phone all into one. Specifications for the MUZIQ boast audio features such as Bluetooth stereo, an FM transmitter, background music playback, and dedicated external music keys. With an array of dedicated music features under its hood (and on top), LG and Sprint are hoping to attract the attention to mobile audiophiles.

Giving up the pasty white complexion of the old housing on the FUSIC, the LG MUZIQ sports a new glossy black exterior. Less is more in this case, and the thin and lightweight MUZIQ springboards forward with trimmed down dimensions and Chocolate-like new looks. The MUZIQ flexes its music muscles most with newly redesigned external music controls. The glowing red, touch sensitive buttons on the new player, reminiscent of the LG Chocolate, provide great vibration feedback, and can be adjusted to one's liking. To the player's left is where LG has planted the MUZIQ's single external speaker. Above the music player's d-pad sits the brightly colored external 1.3" TFT (128x160 pixel) display that will show pertinent network and phone information. Just above that is the MUZIQ's 1.3 megapixel camera lens and, directly to its right, hidden until needed, is the camera's flash.

The overall design of the MUZIQ is very clean and simple. The top of the handset has a slightly protruding hinge that works well. The bottom of the device is free of any buttons or holes except for the battery cover release. On its right side is where you will find plastic covered headphone and microSD ports. Also on the right are the device's extremely thin dedicated camera and music access buttons, which are actually located on the flip top portion of the handset instead of the base. The MUZIQ's volume controller and charging port are found on the flip's left side. LG seems to have taken to this scheme of placing dedicated, narrow buttons on the flip portion of the phone but I prefer my controls to be closer to the hand, on the base of the device.

Opening the LG MUZIQ reveals a very large and spacious alphanumeric keypad and the typical controls. Rectangular in shape and covered in thin black plastic, the keypad keys are flush mounted to the phone itself and provide a sturdy click when pressed. The control keys are displayed either with an accompanying icon or name and are easily found. The phone's round d-pad, accentuated with a metal rim, handled well when scrolling through menus and Sprint's seemingly endless supply of media applications. The phone's directional keys can be assigned different shortcuts to suit the user's most common needs. The phone's microphone is well hidden between the number 5 and 8 keys, and the internal speaker is located just above the MUZIQ's large and colorful 2.2" TFT (176x220 pixel) resolution display. The display was decent in general, but direct sunlight could make it a bit difficult to read at times.