Samsung's P520 Armani Phone review

When it comes to physical appearance and design, the Samsung Armani phone has what it takes. It is no larger than 9 or 10 stacked credit cards, 88mm x 55mm x 10.5mm (3.5" x 2.2" .4"), and weighs only 86g (3.0oz). The included case that it snaps into adds a good layer of protection for an additional 34g (1.2oz), while still providing access to the camera and all of the buttons and ports on the phone's edges. It is probably a good idea to use the case, even though the Armani's 2.6", QVGA resolution display seems reasonably rugged.

The display is touch sensitive and intended to be used with a fingertip, just like the one on the Apple iPhone. It senses even very light finger touches on its surface, but also seems responsive to indirect finger touches as well. For example, I was able to fumble through the menus and dial pad on the phone while wearing a pair of insulated leather gloves, something that I found quite surprising. Considering that the touch screen works in spite of leather, paper, or plastic most of the time, it seems quite possible that it is somewhat pressure sensitive, even though the display doesn't appear to have any real give to it. The touch action doesn't work as well as the iPhone's, but overall it works better than LG's Venus and Prada handsets do.

The only two keys on the front of the phone are the call send and end keys. The volume, camera, and hold/lock buttons, along with the microSD slot and power/headset/data port are found on the sides of the phone. A safety latch on the bottom releases the rear battery cover, which sits below the camera lens and flash.

In terms of accessories, the Samsung Armani phone ships with a USB cable, a stereo headset, and an Armani cleaning cloth - all packed in a soft black bag. In addition to the previously mentioned snap-on cover, the phone also comes with a soft pouch for storage.

The overall build of the phone is rock solid and very attractive. It has all of the appropriate hardware keys, and a sufficiently large and useable touchscreen. The hardware design of the Armani phone is a good one.